Select Garments

Start by identifying the garments you want to customize for yourself or your team.

Custom Products

Send your design idea

If you have a design idea we will help you develop it.

Design Specifications

Review and Approval

Our design department suggests following the following guidelines to have a successful design

Artwork Info

Select Fit and Size

We understand that following a size chart cannot replace the actual ability to try on the clothes.

Fit Kit


A sales representative will follow up on each order submitted for verification and your final design approval.

Place Order


Check with our sales consultant on production times to know when you will be sending your order.


Plan ahead

Give yourself and us enough time to meet your needs. Our normal turn around time to get our customers their order is two to three weeks from the date the final design is approved.

Make a list

Identify all the items you will need to order and include sizes and gender.

Select options

We offer a variety of options, from short sleeve, long sleeve, body suit and full length zippers (hidden or visible); ranglan or traditional cuts. Our pads in the shorts are available in male and female options for better comfort.

Don't forget accessories

If need or want, we offer a variety of accessories to compliment your uniforms. We offer bandanas, leg and arm warmers as well as vests and jackets