Our price list is based on how many items you are requesting (jerseys, jackets, vests, shorts, skinsuits).
Check this examples of orders: 
a) 1 jerseys Short Sleeve 1 Bib short and 1 Jacket, There is 3 items.
b) 3 Shorts and 5 jerseys short sleeve, There is 8 items.
c) 10 Jerseys short Sleeve and 1 Short, There is 11 items.

Check how many items you need and match it with our list.
(exclude accessories)
Some companies require his logo (mandatory) on your garments. Scudo Sport Wear offer it as an option.

If you decide to place our logo in your garments we will give you discount between a 2% and 5% depend of the number of items. For jerseys logo must appear on the upper chest area (left or right) and on the center rear pocket, for shorts, logo will place in one legside.


These prices are for our standard products and services. Additional services such as design services, express delivery or special printing or sizing requests may cause additional charges.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Price changes are not retroactive and will not impact existing orders. Any changes impacting wholesale prices will be discussed with each wholesale customer prior to change.

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