We are offering Bike Shops with their Private Label on our total stock of products, so that they can customize them entirely with their brand, logo, and more.
You can also come up with a brand new idea or concept for your cycling apparel. We can surely customize it to make it your own.

Last but not least, you may offer affiliated cycling teams exactly the same. Their private label on fully customized cycling kits.
Does your shop deal with lots of orders and you feel your providers are not up to the challenge? With us, you will not have problems related to due dates or product quality, because we count with:

- Own sublimation and sewing factory: We can keep track of all the production line to ensure highest quality standards. All our products are made on order.
- Art Department: We count with a pool of designers whose work consists in customizing cycling garments just for you.
- Dedicated Customer Service: There will always be someone taking care of your new orders, design requests, orders' status or anything else that might arise.

There are no minimums with us. We can make from 1 up to any number.
Turnaround is two up to four weeks, depending on quantity.
Please allow a minimum of two weeks after design approval to have your order in hands. We can whether send the order to you, or your final client.

* This offer is only valid for Bike Shops and Cycling Apparel dealers and vendors.

In case you are interested, you might submit the form below to us.
Or give us a call anytime at (866) 707-4495

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